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Allison O'Connor, End of Life Educator and Consultant



What can I do to help you, or a loved one, achieve your/their end of life wishes?

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Complimentary Consultation

Tell me your needs.

  • Tell me your situation. 

    • Are you in need of respite care and/or vigil service in the very near future?

    • Have you been recently diagnosed with an illness and want to explore all of your (non-medical and non-legal) end of life options?

    • Are you starting a family and want to prepare for accidents and illnesses in the future?

    • Are you at retirement age and simply want to get all of your “ducks in a row” so you can enjoy this stage in your life?

  • Whatever your situation, I will let you know the options available to you.  It is my goal to offer as many services I can to help you or your loved one.  If I feel like I would not be a fit, I will say so and offer guidance on where else to look.

Respite Care

"You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup."

One of the most important services I provide is respite care.  Family members and friends can become easily overwhelmed with the amount of energy it takes to care for a person at the end of their life.  Often times, those caregivers feel extreme guilt for taking some “me time” or simply going home to shower, rest, and catch up on their own life.  

You can rest easier knowing that someone who is loving, caring, and empathetic can be with your loved one. 

Need a meal cooked?  Need someone to finally clean the guest bathroom?  Want someone to read and share stories with you, or your loved one?   These are just a few of the most popular requested services when asking for respite care. 



Legacy & Life Reviewing Projects

How do you want to be remembered after you are gone?

What do you want to say to loved ones on special occasions after you have passed?

Do you have regrets?  Write a letter (you do not have to send it).  Make a phone call.  Neither of those things are easy, so that is where I come in to assist.

Do you want to leave letters or videos for someone?  I can help with that too.

Together, we can make scrapbooks, videos, recordings, letters….whatever you want that will help you close out your life on your terms.

Packages Starting at $250

Advanced Care Planning

Plan now, so that you can spend the rest of your time living.

It is NEVER too early to “get your affairs” in order.  If you have an organized, detailed outline of what you want to happen to you in case of an accident or sudden illness, you will save so much time and grief for your already overwhelmed family.

If you have been recently diagnosed with an illness, getting your Living Will and Advanced Care Directives completed will allow you to enjoy the time you have left. 



Mourning Doula

How can I grieve and also continue on with my life at the same time?

Just as a birth doula supports a woman during her pregnancy, labor, and birth, a death doula provides guidance and support during the mourning period after someone has died. 

 Do you need practical and emotional support in the days and weeks after the death? Do you need someone to support you and your family as you start the grieving process?  Are there specific mourning rituals that you wish to have performed?


Vigil Services

In a perfect world, no one should die alone.

Vigil Planning includes laying out where a person would like to pass, who might be there, and what the ambience should feel like.  Pre-planning for music, soft lighting, and food preparation for the vigil participants allows everyone to be more in the moment when the time comes.

If you would prefer me to lead an Active Vigil, I can be there to provide comfort, and practicalities, to the person passing or for the family during the immediate dying period.

Packages starting at $250

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Post Death Reorganizing & Material Artifact Support

Your loved one is gone.  Now what to do with all of the “stuff?”

In an ideal world, your loved one would have had time to plan out where he/she/they wanted their possessions to go after they died.  Since that is not always possible, I can come in and aid in the process of what to keep, what to donate, what to sell, etc.

Where does the home hospital equipment go?  What about shoes?  Or things like golf balls, books, and collectibles?  Deciding what “stays” and what “goes” is quite difficult.  Having an outside organizer help you will lessen your stress and guilt about dealing with your loved one’s possessions.

$250 for three hours