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What is an End of Life Educator, aka "Death Doula"?

The most common term for my work is Death Doula.  It was my personal decision to reimagine that title.  Essentially, we provide help to people who are dying, people who want to plan out what happens when they die, or to help family members navigate the end of someone's life.  There are many different services that Death Doulas offer.  Please see my specialties in the "Services" section.

I'm healthy and happy, why should I plan for my death?  Isn't that kind of morbid?

It is no secret that many people find the topic of death morbid.  My job is to help you get through that common notion. 

You are healthy now, but what if something horrible happens?  Planning ahead allows your family members to have someone to call upon to help with a sudden situation.  Your loved ones will be able to concentrate on each other since the details of the post-death plans are already clearly laid out.  

I don't want to be a burden to my family. Can you make sure that everything is taken care of?

I will do everything in my power to help you and your family so you do not feel like you are a "burden."  
I can provide Respite Care to give your care takers some personal time to themselves.  While they are gone, I can sit with you and read, talk, whatever you would like.
Making sure your legal documents are up to date, having a list of vigil service desires, and having your funeral planned out can relieve much of that burden you personally feel.